Are the doors sold to you really security?


    Hi I'm Darren Teale,


    Maybe you have heard of me I have been interviewed on local TV and written articles on home security and been in the newspaper.

    For the past twenty plus years I have designed tested made installed and sold security doors

I am here because I am frustrated at the lies the deceit and accusations made with in the home security industry in Perth Western Australia.


If you need security doors and screens for your home than "YOU NEED TO KNOW", what they would rather you didn't know about Australian Standards 5039-2008, AS 5040-2003 with the 2007 Changes and 5041-2003/2007 plus the test results are only valid for five years

They also need to comply to AS4145 and AS 4145.2.

Parts of 5040-2003/2007 (The installation of security doors and screens) states what fixings can and can't be use. This is one of the most ignored standard in the industry time and time again I see doors and screens fitted with fixing in the do not use list, it is unbelievable.


Then there is AS 2331.3.1 This is the corrosion Test Something despite the knockers, Crimsafe Passes with flying colours.


Did you know that in 2007 the changes made to AS 5041-2003/2007 The knife shear test was upgraded to get around a default pass that is on the third pass if the cut in the mesh was less 65mm and the knife jammed it was considered to have passed now the force can be increased 350 Newton's. This upgrade was December 2007 there are a lot of doors out there that could only get the mesh through on a default pass that have not been retested.


"Now not all tests have to be repeated AS 5039-2008 needs to be done by each manufacture every five years - Yet 5039 States you uses locks and key cylinders that meet or exceed AS4145 &AS 4145.2 and 2331.3.1 is also on that list if someone using the system as tested and made the test results available to all manufactures using that system than each licensed manufacture of that product need not retest. The main parts that are tested are only the impact and jemmy test as this is testing the manufacture only. I do believe that the shear test should be repeated to ensure that the manufacture is not cutting corners and using a lesser mesh to safe costs." 


"Whoa, hold it, hold it", I hear you say "How will I know they look the same?"


Looks can be deceiving, unfortunately some manufactures in order to increase profits reduce wall thickness of frames and reduce thickness of the mesh or grille in an attempt to maximise profits and under cut the next guy. All the while hoping that you never notice.

I know, I know, I can't instil more than twenty years experience and hours upon hours of testing and developing nor, the years I studied Mechanical, Civil and Automotive Engineering. Well you may have guessed by now I like to study, experiment and push things to the limits and don't except other peoples answers specially when things don't look right or don't add up. And this is in an industry I only got into to help another company develop a stainless steel mesh security door all those years ago.


Well, I am writing a book, yes, there is that much information to cover but, wait it is not all boring facts and figures. For your sanity I am trying to keep that to a minimum. I will be including tips and tricks I have found to work over the years I have been in the industry to reduce your risk of a break-in.


If you can't wait for the book I have written a short report to help answer some of the questions and have you asking the right questions.


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    "The Essential Truths About the Western Australian Security Door Industry."